Canadian Citizenship

Many people apply to become Canada Citizens each year. Some people have a claim to Canadian citizenship based on their family history. If you have immigrated to Canada then you may be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship based on a variety of criteria below:

  • Your age
  • Your immigration status while living in Canada
  • The time you have spent living in Canada
  • Your language ability in one of Canada’s official languages (English or French)
  • Whether or not you have a criminal record
  • Whether you can pass a Canadian Citizenship test
  • Whether or not you have filed your taxes as required
  • Your intention to physically reside in Canada

In some countries when you marry a citizen of that country you will gain citizenship through the marriage. However this is not the case in Canada. Getting married to a Canadian citizen will not grant you citizenship immediately, you will first need to be sponsored as a Permanent Resident and then meet the requirements to apply for Citizenship.

In the event that your application to become a citizen is refused, you will be able to apply again to become a citizen once you meet the missing criteria. Before reapplying you will need to ensure that you meet the requirements and you should try to find out what caused the first application to be refused. This will help you to rectify the problem and improve your chances of your application being approved the second time around. If your application is refused you will also have the option of having the decision reviewed by approaching the judiciary and asking for a review of the decision made by the Federal Court of Canada.  This is not an appeal and you will have 30 days from receiving the refusal letter to asking for a review.

The following individuals may already be a Canadian Citizen but their status should be checked before any application should be submitted:

  • A person born inside of Canada
  • A person born to a Canadian parent
  • A person born outside of Canada to at least one Canadian parent

The regulated Canadian immigration consultant at Visa 2 Canada can assist you in determining your eligibility for Canadian Citizenship.

Currently the Canadian Government fees Canadian Citizenship are:

  • $ 100 CAD for Right of Citizenship
  • $ 300 CAD for Adult Grant of Citizenship
  • $ 100 CAD for Minor Grant of  Citizenship