Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is a dream for many students. Thousands of students from countries around the world apply for admittance to Canadian educational institution each year. If they meet all of the admission requirements of the institution they will be granted an acceptance letter.

An acceptance letter alone is not enough to ensure that you will be allowed to study in Canada. After your application has been received and accepted by the educational institution, you will have to apply for a study permit from the Canadian government. A study permit is only issued for a temporary period of time to allow you to complete your studies and does not allow you to immigrate to Canada from South Africa.

Not all educational programs require a study permit. The need for a study permit depends on the duration and level of the program you have been accepted into. Our regulated Canadian immigration consultant can assist you in figuring out if you actually need a study permit.

Should you need to obtain a study permit, you will need to submit a number of application forms and supporting documents for yourself and any accompanying family members.

Some of the required documentation that should be included with your study permit application forms include:

  • A letter of acceptance from the educational institution in Canada to prove that you have been accepted to study at the institution.
  • Proof that you will have enough funds to cover your tuition and living expenses in Canada for the duration of your studies. If you will be accompanied to Canada by a spouse or children the amount of money you will need to show will increase.
  • A study plan outlining why you have chosen to study in Canada and not your country of origin

It is possible, under certain situations, for you to work part time while studying in Canada. Certain educational programs will even earn you a post graduate work permit which will allow you to work full time in Canada after graduation. The Canadian government provides foreign students with a number of options when it comes to working in Canada while they are studying which include working at the institution where they are studying, working off campus and working as an intern as required by your educational program. Remaining in Canada as a permanent resident after you graduation may also be a possibility for some.

At Visa 2 Canada our regulated Canadian immigration consultant can assist you in applying for your study permit and accompanying visas for your family members, if applicable.

Currently the Canadian Government fees for a Study Permit application are:

  • $150 CAD

now to book a consultation with our regulated Canadian immigration consultant! She can assist you with immigrating to Canada.

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