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Super Visas

Visiting Family in Canada

The Super Visa was created to allow parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents to spend more time with their family in Canada. The requirements for a Super Visa are largely the same as those for a normal Visit Visa. A Super Visa is a great option for those who wish to stay in Canada with their family but are not yet eligible to be sponsored for immigration to Canada under the family class. 

Unlike a normal visit visa which only allows you to visit Canada for six months in a one year period, a Super Visa will allow you to visit Canada for up to two years without having to renew your visa or exit the country. Furthermore the Super Visa itself can be issued for up to a ten year period depending on the validity of your passport.

The Super Visa was designed for parents and grandparents who do not want to move to Canada permanently and for those who are not yet eligible to be sponsored, or did not have their application for sponsorship accepted. Only parents and grandparents are eligible to apply for a Super Visa, no other relative can obtain a Super Visa.

When applying for a Super Visa you will need to be able to show the Canadian government that you meet certain requirements. The visa officer evaluating your application will consider your ties to your home country, the reason for your visit, your financial resources, the status of your family members in Canada, and whether or not you are inadmissible to Canada. As part of this background check you will be required to undergo three processes which are not required for a normal visit visa. You will first need to have an immigration medical examination completed by a designated medical practitioner. You will also need to prove that have purchased Canadian medical insurance that will cover you for at least this first year of your visit to Canada. Lastly, you will need to obtain police clearance certificates to show you have no criminal record.

The regulated Canadian immigration consultant at Visa 2 Canada can give you advice regarding the best visa for you and your family and explain the specific requirements of the appropriate visa.

Currently the Canadian Government fees for a Super Visa are:

  • $100 CAD

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