Here’s what our clients have to say

on immigrating to Canada through Visa 2 Canada

“After our daughter was born we thought about new opportunities abroad and we very quickly decided on Canada. Although my wife was not sure we needed assistance, I convinced her that hiring someone to assist us with the mountains of paper work and with expert knowledge would ease much pressure and allow us to focus on other areas. Shortly after that we talked with Jenna from Visa2Canada and started the process. Looking back, it was the best way to achieve what we wanted and we highly recommend it to anyone who thinks about moving to Canada.”

Brian Climater

“From the moment Sarah got back to us, right until when we had our Visa’s and passports back in hand, her work has been fantastic and I will make use of her services for future applications as well. We experienced fast turn arounds, answers to all our questions, no matter how silly or small they might have seemed and a real genuine approach that is not a given. Once our 84 page file was submitted, Sarah followed up and kept us updated consistently. I would recommend her to anyone considering a move, whether temporary or permanent.”

Joan & Alex Weiss

“Once I signed up I knew I was in safe hands. From completing the paper work, getting the police clearances issued, to submitting my pack to the Canadian embassy was an effortless and seamless process. Professional service with a high regard to ethics and client integrity.”

Katerina Shapiro

“We highly recommend this service. From our first meeting, their expertise was evident and we knew exactly what was expected of us and what the process entailed. Efficient, effective continuous communication made the process simpler.”

Krem Family

“Without help our permanent residency application would have been a nerve wracking experience. It was wonderful to have someone with major experience guide us through the process and ensure that we got all our ducks in a row.”

Jillian Kelly

“I applied on my own, and didn’t really know what to do after it was denied. When I contacted this company and they said they will help me get things straight in my appeal, I was still sceptical but gave it a chance. With the help of Tim and his colleagues here my application was approved! I would personally recommend them for their professionalism and commitment to their clients.”

Ross McGowen

“When we decided to emigrate to Canada, we searched for an immigration consultant based in South Africa. I read through Facebook forums and heard of „visa2 Canada“ services. Everyone had good comments to say about them and i’m going to add to that. Jerry was my application manager, and he was very efficient and professional right from the start. It was a pleasure to work with him and he made the process run very smoothly. I highly recommend these guys to anyone needing assistance for Canadian immigration. You will have no regrets.”

Collin Edgar

“My experience with Visa2Canada has been great!They assisted me through every phase of the journey to my new chapter in Canada. They were always willing to assist with all my questions, and there were many of them. I am now working in the best company in my field, here in Toronto, and many thanks goes to Visa2Canada services!”

Sam Lee

“After a short research online, I got scared of the whole process of getting the documents and getting the application done. I looked for help with it and signed up for this service. This has made the process of obtaining permanent residency so effortless, especially when there are so many other things you have to consider and finalise when you emigrate. I will recommend this service to anyone who wishes to follow the path to emigration.”

Jing Tian